10 Create Food And Healthy White Teeth

Food And Healthy White Teeth

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Inspirasi-cherbon.com, Healthy – Although the trend tersungging smile again uphill popularity thanks to Kim Kardashian, white teeth fixed so the dream of many people. There are even willing to drain the pouch for the sake of it.

However, the actual consumption of certain foods turn out can help whiten teeth. Call it a content of yogurt in between calcium and high protein can create useful gear. Or for example a cheese also contain similar benefits.

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Yoghurt – Food made from fermented milk has a high calcium and protein, which is very important in strengthening the tooth enamel. In addition the yogurt also contain healthy bacteria and probiotics to help fight cavities.

Cheese – friends to eat this bread was judged good to keep the teeth. The high calcium content of cheese and protein helps white teeth shining. Eat cheese also votes to raise the pH of the mouth so that it lowers the risk of tooth decay.

Kale – vegetable Leaves kale turns can help a person in taking care of teeth. High kalsiumnya content useful to the enamel, while the content of folatnya acid can reduce the risk of gum disease. Besides chewing vegetables is evaluated can form enough saliva to clean your mouth and naturally.

Beans – Beans rated as food high in fiber which is useful for dental health. Such as water spinach, nuts can cause the mouth salivate when eating it. Saliva bacteria can clean the food rated.

Apple – Apples contain fiber which is quite high. These fibers are assessed can rinse bacteria are evil. In addition, Apple has the most flourida content found in toothpaste and serves to lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Strawberries – the dominant red fruit acid that turns out to be brighten teeth and make it look more shine. Strawberries contain Malic acid which can naturally whiten teeth email.

Carrots – veggies are synonymous with food rabbit judged useful for teeth. Everyone knows the usual carrots as the vegetable that acts for the eyes. It turns out that someone who is eating carrots can reduce the risk of cavities and contribute to the good bacteria in the mouth. The content of vitamin A in these vegetables also assessed can strengthen bones including the teeth.

Almond – almonds valued as superstar dental health. It is because he has the levels of calcium and high protein and low sugar.

Celery Celery – valued as ideal snacks to improve dental health. Celery helps promote healthy gums. As if they are using the betel leaves, celery votes can help to scrub the unhealthy bacteria from the teeth.

The Cranberries – Research mentions, eating Cranberries can help interrupt the formation of plaque-causing bacteria.

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